Frequently Asked Questions

    WE DO NOT SELL THIS SERVICE OR OFFER IT DIRECTLY IN ANY FASHION. The services of are available through a set of domain name Registrars. In order to enable privacy custodian for your domain name, you need to contact the Sponsoring Registrar and ask them if they provide the service. You can find the Sponsoring Registrar by performing a whois lookup for your domain name.

    This service is provided free of cost. No payments are to be made to for the service.

    If the whois information shows in the contact details, it merely implies that the actual owner has requested that their contact information be protected from public display. does not own the domain name. If you need to contact the actual owner of a domain name, you can use the Contact Domain Owner form on the home page.

    The services of are provided through a set of domain name Registrars, and are thus managed through the respective Registrars' control panels. In order to disable this service, you need to login to the control panel provided by your registrar and do so. If you do not know how, please contact your Sponsoring Registrar's support team.

    We are very particular about ensuring that our services are not used to camouflage any abusive, malicious or illegal activity. That being said, the service is available to nearly 3 million domain names, and we might not be able to track down every one immediately. In case you find any domain name using services indulging in any kind of illegal activity, please inform us using the Report Abuse form on the home page, and provide all evidence that you can about such activity.

    Our compliance team will review the complaint and, in case your complaint is found to be valid, disable the privacy custodian service for the domain name, to unmask the identity of the person who owns it. Furthermore, upon validating your abuse report to be a real fact, we shall also forward the complaint to the Sponsoring Registrar so they may take appropriate action on the domain name itself.

    When a domain name is to be transferred to another registrar, the new registrar sends an email to the administrative contact of the domain name. If the domain name uses privacy custodian, the Registrar would not be able to determine the correct email address for the admin contact. As such, you need to disable the privacy custodian service for your domain name before you place a transfer request.